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Im a diet star !


Well here I go again. the next diet. Thats not really much of a start huh!
Well I think this time well lets say I'm determined this time IS THE TIME!!.
I'm fed up with being "fat" and frumpy I want to wear nice skimpy clothes and to be able to run with the kids in the park and not die in a heap after 5 seconds of wobbling.
Soooo wanna hear more about me and how I'm doing.... read on. 

A bit about me then. Well Im 33, I have always been fat, Sure I've dieted and had size 14 (uksize) clothes but its never lasted long before I've put it all back on and some. My size now is well over 19 stone and I and now FED UP with being known as that fat girl over there. Anyway my journy starts now, here today. Please please if you stumble upon this site give me a helping hand and leave me a message because I need all the help I could get. Thanks and enjoy the site :)


yup its me and yup im fat. Im hoping this is going to spur me on to lose all this horrible fat me


Please sign my guestbook and give me some encouragment. I think I'm going to need all the help I can get :)